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“Immortels, water and pumkin”


Made in 2016, sometime near Halloween and “The day of the dead” 

Soft pastels on paper, 42/60cm

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We can always prologue life, but death it’s inevitable. What we have here are the symbols of life and death, water, light and flowers as a symbol of beauty, peace, purity and the pumpkin, witch can symbolise the pact with the devil. Also the flowers chosen are “immortels”, to emphasise the idea of the immortal spirit.


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      Born in 1983, in Targoviste, I started drawing at 16 in modern art classes.

At 19 I got admitted in fine arts, Bucharest, where I studied graphic design and computer animated graphics.

My favourite classes were anatomy and perspective, with a special interest in colours.

  • From 2000 to the present time, I have drawn and sold over 10 000 portraits and caricatures, in Romania, Europe, U.K., U.S.A., and The Bahamas.

    I love animals, and especially dogs, with which I found myself having all sort of communication ways, also love illustrating dog behaviours, and

  • sketch quick poses.

    From caricatures I’ved learn irony and likeness, both with others and myself.

  • I especially like drawing with soft pastels, but make use of graphite, charcoal, oils and dry brush, just as good.

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