Donna Uccello


Donna Uccello – olio su tela 120x60cm – 2000

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Donna Uccello – olio su tela 120x60cm – 2000


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Michele Maioli

Born :    1970   Pisa, Italia


There is a need for some irony when you look at this series of my paintings, my representations often have the most keys to reading. I like to paint the human body, especially female, nature always gives us the best of what can be a great subject.

My women with lioness or leopard heads, however feline, are the symbol of the union of rational human being, and its most instinctive, animal part with all the features that follow: sensuality, sexuality, emotion our animal part must perceive and that our rational part must handle it.

I inspire the classics in polished style and cared in detail, Renaissance painting was perhaps the highest peak of a certain kind of figurative quality, although I do not prefer subjects of that period, often forced by a precise and dominant commission that has leaving little space for subjects freely chosen by the artists.

So I combine the charm of the classic style with a more modern surrealist component in order to free up fantasy and make figurative games where you can put all.

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