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                           80 x 100 cm

                           oil on linen

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Sold By : Alessandra Sempreboni
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Alessandra was born in Negrar, a country in the Valpolicella, Verona, Italy, in 1980.

Over the years, she developed an introvert, contradictory and troubled character and her growing needed to communicate her dreams, visions and feelings through drawing rather than through her social life.

In 2001 she moved to Milan, where she studied drawing through painting at the “Higher Institute of Illustration” of Milan, where the turning point in her life happened.

The Master Achille Picco, her teacher, once noticed her ability, took her away from the world of illustration and he privately introduced her to painting.

Under the supervision of her Master Picco, the artist walks her path of research, that leads her to a “human” growing, besides improving her mature technology, connecting her passionate conception of realism and her desire to capture the signs that each person carries beneath her skin, exposing every thought, to her ability to control colours and features, becoming a ripe mediator between reality, canvas and her inner feelings.

We find the results of this maturity in thousand shades of Alexandra’s works.

Since her early works, her style clearly emerges: dark atmosphere, soft colours.

Thanks to the studies carried out to “Higher Institute of Illustration” of Milan and the pictorial experience made with her teacher and her mentor Achille Picco, comes with skill and professionalism to her personal poetry.
The choice of representing the human being and the nature of the environment is emblematic: the experience of displacement, the research of our universe still concealed themselves.
For this Alessandra Sempreboni examines all sizes both historical and contemporary mythology to convey her message to the world.

Her still lifes underline her attention to life’s decline. Her pictorial endowment manifests itself in the evocation of her subjects’ behaviour, emphasized by the light of pathos.

The colour is the genuine protagonist as it unveils feelings that embrace a life of sufferings and sweetness, solitude and happiness.

The emotional quality of her painting, characterized by instinctive, tough balanced, brush strokes (as the artist herself) is to be found in the details of her works.

Through glaze she expresses her realistic and neo-romantic vision of painting.

She is on a palpable quest for shape, manifested by the almost real volumetric quality of her subjects: it feels like she is carving the sheet with her pencil, using it as a chisel.

Her subjects’ faces do not hide mysteries; they rather remain contained within their own life of which the artist steals some instants with impertinent curiosity.

Credit : Alessandra Sempreboni Blog

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