Art Statement Jewellery “Lily”


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  “Lily” – Statement Art Jewellery made by Lizzy Tunc – Romanian jewellery Designer

Presented in Art Exhibition “Symbiotic”in London September 2016 and admired by thousands. Unique wearable Sculpture Jewellery made in technique described as wire wrapped, Sterling Silver & 600 pieces of Swarovski Crystals shining on Lily, speaking about powerful and delicate femininity, showing thousands of colours in Crystals, celebrating and showcasing unique preciousness of woman kind versatile nature, female beauty and noblesse. Lily is a high collectable unique Art Jewellery.  

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 “Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for making handmade jewellery. This technique is done with some jewellery wire and findings similar to wire (like head-pins) to make components. Wire components are then connected to one another using mechanical techniques with no soldering or heating of the wire. Frequently, in this approach, a wire is bent into a loop or other decorative shape and then the wire is wrapped around itself to finish the wire component making that loop or decorative shape permanent. Because of this technique for wrapping wire around itself, this craft is called wire wrapping.

Examples of wire and beaded jewellery made using wire wrapping techniques date back to thousands of years BC. The British Museum has samples of jewellery from the Sumerian Dynasty, found in the cemetery of Ur that contain spiralled wire components. This jewellery is dated at approximately 2000 BC. Other samples of jewellery from Ancient Rome show wire wrapped loops (one of the important techniques in making wire wrapped jewellery). This Roman jewellery is dated to approximately 2000 years ago. In the manufacture of this early jewellery the techniques for soldering did not exist. Later, as the technique for soldering developed, the wire wrapping approach continued because it was an economical and quick way to make jewellery components out of wire.

Wire wrapping techniques are not frequently used for mass-produced jewellery because machines can cast (mold) jewellery components faster, more cheaply, and more precisely. At this time, the wire wrapping approach to making jewellery is primarily employed by individual craftspeople.” Wikipedia                        





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“An author’s jewellery is a small piece of art made with reverence for beauty. One who wears it is privileged of somebody’s life, soul, and thoughts, as for such a gift can
only be offered from the heart. A part of Lizzy Tunc will
always be with them in the warmth of the sinuous braiding
of silver, crystal, and imagination that created the jewellery.”

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