17th July 2020

Art for Private Projects


Whether you’re looking to inspire, ask questions, start a conversation, make an impression, or challenge an assumption, the art you show can make the statement over and over in unique, dynamic ways. From floor-to-ceiling lobby installations to hallway triptychs, we offer a full range of artworks. You’ll work one-on-one with a dedicated Art Advisory to find the perfect piece for every space and the perfect solution for any project.


We work with established collectors and those first venturing into the art world. We visit gallery exhibitions, art fairs, open studios and auctions, and as we are not affiliated to any one particular institution or artist our service is truly bespoke, responding to the needs and requirements of each individual client, their artistic preferences and the opportunities presented by their homes and other spaces.

Golden Tree Gallery makes art sourcing easy. Whether you need a single permanent piece or a multi-floor rotating collection, our team makes the process simple, freeing up your time for everything else. Golden Tree Gallery receive preferred industry pricing on the entire catalogue, exclusive benefits, and first-look at new case studies and works added to the catalogue.


Take an innovative approach to renovation and get more value

Purchase or rent. Pay up front or over time. We offer a range of flexible options to make the most of your budget, every time. We can rotate artwork at the frequency of your choosing, providing a low-cost way to periodically update the look of your space or you can purchase pieces for your collection.


We commence with a meeting to view any existing artwork, assess the space and discuss various ideas, costs and timescales. Following this initial meeting, we will source appropriate works and present a variety of options, looking also at the display, lighting and security of the artwork. Once the selection is finalised, we will organise purchases, manage commissions and install the work on site.

Purchasing – You may find one or several art pieces in our Art Shop Online that you suit your taste and interest

Commissioning – we take orders for commissioned art by the Artists we represent in our Gallery

Framing and Display – we recommend framing companies and individual collaborators, and we offer complete curatorial services

Installation – no project is too big or too small; our team works on bespoke projects, modern art installations, in a wide range of style

Conservation – we provide specialise advice in Art Conservation

Insurance Valuation – we work with a number of prestigious Art Insurance Companies from across the UK and Internationally

For Sale Artwork – visit our Art Shop