Provides the UK and International wider Community
with opportunities to develop their understanding and knowledge of art and
offers a collective experience of  Visual Art Work, featured in outstanding
presentation, easy to navigate on Online Art Platform.

Golden Tree Gallery cherish the Human Creation in Art and grow branches to
connect the Gifted ones, the Talented ones in between and with the others.

Artists and their Creation are ours Stars, our aim to work alongside and

promote them in the spotlight.

At Golden Tree Gallery we focus on bringing customers to the website gallery, keep contact with art collectors, art buyers and art fairs .

We charge a commission of 35% from the selling price set for non-members for each artwork sold,  much lower commission than high street gallery rates.

The advantages to be part of  Golden Tree Gallery are multiple and the Membership Programme promote and highlights the Artists Members’s work in various ways .

Golden Tree Gallery is the UK’s leading website gallery.  In addition, we spend large amounts monthly on search engine marketing and press advertisements.

Welcome and Follow us in this amazing Journey in visual Arts, be involved

and allow our Team to be your friendly guide !

For Members, gallery does not charge commission !

Annual Membership Programme

in 10th. Points Advantage Programme:

Be part of Selective International Art Platform, promote, exhibit, and sell Fine

Art in UK and Worldwide

                                         1th.  Fine Art in Excellent Presentation and Unique Individual Art Shop in Art
                                                    Platform Online 

                                        2th.  Individual Artist Profile within information of study, artist statement,
                                                   artistic performances all in a Professional Presentation in Art Platform Online

                                        3th.  Individual Promotion in social media of Art Work In UK and Worldwide.

                                                                4th   Specialised Art Evaluation of Art Work for each Individual Artist.

                                        5th.  Provide with offers and information about Art Exhibitions in UK and
                                                   Worldwide and opportunities to participate for each Individual Artist.

                                        6th.  Provide with information of Fair Art in UK and Worldwide and
                                                   Opportunities to participate for each Individual Artist.

                                        7th.  Promote one/year dedicated Article in Discussion Section to each
                                                   Individual Artist with news, artwork, promotions and information for
                                                   Collectors and Art Public.

                                        8th.  Provide Curatorial Guide and Professional Strategy – Development for
                                                   each Individual Artist.

                                        9th.  Provide Curatorial service in bespoken Personal Exhibition in

                                       10th. Art Work sold in Art Platform Shop Online is Commission Free (0
                                                    commission for Members).

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