10th November 2016

Gallery’s Mission

Art Mission consists of promoting innovative artists, nurturing the best artistic talent from around the world. Through artistic vision and cultural activities, we disrupt the way we and our visitors experience the world, we provide new creative opportunities and imaginative responses to contemporary issues. 

GOLDEN TREE GALLERY’s mission is to develop a reputation for dynamic and distinctive programming, to present an appreciation and understanding of contemporary art. Our gallery provides a professional platform for artists, art critics, collectors, and art lovers, excellence across the visual arts, applied arts, from across the United Kingdom and beyond.

One of the UK’s first Online Art Galleries over the past 6 years it has established hand picking & promoting the most promising talents, as well as the renewed Artists. Within the Art Gallery Platform online and in our facility in London, we are always open – free admission, a vibrant online program of exhibitions- we proud ourselves as the most innovative team, tech-saviors, and Art Specialists.

Our Gallery has proudly brought together the work of outstanding international artists from all over the world through exhibitions and cultural events. 

In setting the Mission Statement, the Board also identifies the following values:

Community Responsibility: The gallery interacts with the community by designing programs that inspire, challenge, educate, and entertain while recognizing excellence in the visual arts.

Professional Responsibility: The gallery employs curatorial expertise to implement the setting of exhibitions, programs, and services in accordance with internationally recognized professional standards of operation.

Fiscal Responsibility: The gallery conducts operations and programs within the scope of the financial and human resources available.

I’m a fly on your mouth” by Patrick Boussignac

Its approach to exhibiting art is to provide the public with unique and exceptional work that exemplifies the cultural diversity of the international art scene, provides the local and wider community with opportunities to develop their understanding and knowledge of art, and offers a collective experience in which visitors can immerse themselves in; 

Exhibitions that take risks and push the boundaries of visual art; the scope of every exhibition is to provide society as a whole with a magnifying lens to examine critical issues that affect the public’s social, political, and economic contexts. a platform for discovering, supporting, and promoting excellent and productive international artists, the opportunity to purchase cutting edge design and contemporary craft and engage in friendly conversation with art led individuals.

From Modern Art such as impressionist, cubist, abstract, expressionist, and post-war art to old masters, from the Italian Renaissance, the Dutch school, the Romantic and Neoclassical periods, we have established expertise in the international art market, nurtured through its unique and longstanding relationship with an actively engaged art market.

Our space seamlessly provides raw creative energy, an exceptional place to shop for every price range, and a commitment to learning, ensuring every age group is welcome. The idea of functional design rather than ornamental made it one of the most appealing locations, the embodiment of the creative, rich experience, and an inexhaustible resource of art and design.

Art is not afraid of major innovation steps because art itself is creativity and innovation. When rebels Impressionists stormed Paris Art Movement, not all gave them credit in changing the Art Map of the world. But they did it! Not all people believed in Conceptual Art as a picture of freedom of Artistic Expression. But it is! Few called Picasso mad and others thought of Dali as a mentally troubled artist. They are our genius we referring to in Art today. Artists took the risk for success or for failure further and they’re right to do so: Evolution and innovation in new Art forms and new movements won the Trophy.

“Abstract Waves” – acrylic painting

Welcome and Follow Us in this amazing Journey of visual Arts, be involved, and allowing our Team to be your friendly guides.

Golden Tree Gallery Team