10th November 2016

Gallery Mission

GOLDEN TREE  GALLERY Mission is to  develop a reputation for dynamic and distinctive programming, to present excellence across the visual arts, applied arts and craft, from across United Kingdom  and beyond.

With exhibition space, craft space, learning space, events, art projects  opportunities and more.

GOLDEN TREE GALLERY provides the local and wider community with opportunities to develop their understanding and knowledge of art and  offers a collective experience in which visitors can immerse themselves in; exhibitions that take risks and push the boundaries of visual art; the opportunity to purchase cutting edge design and contemporary craft and engage in friendly conversation with art led individuals.

 Our space seamlessly provides raw creative energy, an exceptional place to shop for every price range, and a commitment to learning, ensuring every age group is welcome.

ARTISTS and their CREATION are ours Stars, our aim to work alongside and promote them in the spotlight.

Welcome and Follow us in this amazing Journey on visual Arts, be involved and allowing our Team to be your friendly guide !

           “The Presentation of Gifts” painting oil on canvas