17th July 2020

Art for Corporate

Golden Tree Gallery serves businesses large and small, across an array of industries. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company looking to impress your clients or a growing startup interested in personalising your space, we can help.

We are passionate about curating art that engages, inspires, and challenges. Art can bring people together and encourages individuality and creativity. Whit years of experience designing bespoke art programs that include highly engaging activities, ranging from co-created artwork, changeover exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops through cultural activities outside of the workplace, our Team is ready for any Challenge.

We scour the world’s art and antiques to cherry pick intriguing and unique pieces to compliment any interior project, house or hotel.   Our team has a broad knowledge base allowing us to curate a continually changing and eclectic collection of antiques, art and furniture.  Everything is available to purchase from the website and live viewing can be provided also.

A well-considered art collection stimulates creativity, boost staff morale, and promote well-being, galvanise a feeling of belonging as well as encourage diversity and individuality. Integral to the success of all our projects and collections is our bespoke approach, the quality of our consultation, and our ability to distil these discussions into significant, meaningful, and engaging briefs.

As well as boosting staff morale and promoting well-being, creative culture in the workplace can also drive business value. Research shows that creativity is firmly associated with superior performance, and thoughtful, engaging art programs can play a significant role in nurturing the key behaviours that optimise creativity and the ability to generate innovative ideas.

Buy or Rent Art for your Business

Exhibit artwork that represents your community and supports the artists who share it with you. Whether you are renting or buying artwork, the main percentage of what you spend in Golden Tree Gallery is paid directly to the artists whose work you enjoy.

Strengthen your corporate image with original art! Businesses can rent art for a fraction of the cost of ownership, with the option to rotate works every six months. We offer on-site consultations, delivery, and installation services, making the transition to a stunning business environment effortless. Initially, we will meet with you for a briefing session, where we assess the space and spend time understanding your organisation, its people, culture, values, ambitions, and approach to business. 

This will help guide the philosophy for the art programme and create meaningful themes to work with. Our Team then will come prepared with some initial thoughts and images to assist with these discussions.

We will agree on a brief with you and then commence our research stage, drawing on our extensive portfolio of artists. We represent the most exciting up-and-coming talent in the art market today alongside an impressive roster of established names, and as we have a truly bespoke approach to all of our projects, we are constantly expanding this collection, as we search for the best and most appropriate art for our clients. 

Get Your Whole Team Involved.

You will work directly with our Art Advisers to explore our catalogue comprised of more than 10000 artworks. Final selections can be made through community voting tool to engage your employees and build company culture.

Don’t Lift A Finger

Our team takes care of every detail, from design and curation to installation and rotation, so you don’t need to lift a finger. 

Get in touch

Together with our art knowledge, creative approach, commercial acumen and project management skills our client can be confident that we will deliver bespoke, engaging, high quality projects every time.

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