Contemporary Art bettwen Abstract , Figurative and meanignless


             Mudas Museum and Contemporary exhibition spaces in top of “The  Eternal  Spring Island” Madeira brings me back in time when I first saw Mark Rothko’s Art Work …the first question coming it was : Is too less or it is too much ?


Who says you have to be in a cosmopolitan city to enjoy the arts? Certainly not the residents of Madeira, who embrace all forms of artist expression on their island paradise. In fact, Madeira is home to an internationally renowned Arts Center which makes its home in a striking, contemporary, cliff-top complex known as the Casa das Mudas.

fernando botero, male torso, casa das mudas, madeiraMale Torso, Fernando Botero Photo Copyright: FG + SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

Located in Calheta, just 20 minutes from the capitol city of Funchal, the Casa das Mudas Arts Center was built to promote awareness and life-long learning of art in general, and contemporary art in particular. With a modern minimalist design by Madeira architect Paulo David, the structure is perfectly integrated into the landscape, with numerous vantage points to take in views of the island’s mountainside above and vast ocean below.

Inside, Casa das Mudas has over 12,000 square meters of space dedicated to arts appreciation. In addition to the gallery exhibitions space, there´s an auditorium, library, gift shop, cafeteria, restaurant, and a wide area for cultural activities for ateliers and art workshops.

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