Left Brain Skills for Right Brained People


Career Counselings and Coaching Services for Artists


You probably became an artist because of your “right brain” strengths. You may need help with the business part of your career for the very same reason.

Right brain strengths include thinking visually, seeing the big picture, finding innovative and creative solutions, creating art.

Left brain skills include analyzing and planning, defining goals, thinking through difficult problems, following through on a sequence of tasks.

If you have difficulty making a plan, defining goals, or following through, don’t punish yourself. Your creative brain is hard wired to make these activities especially challenging. As a coach who specializes in working with creative people, I find that many artists need help with these “left brain” tasks.

Through my artist-focused business coaching I show you how to make “managing your career” easier and less stressful, so that you can spend most of your time doing what you love.

Most career advice and career counseling just doesn’t apply to artists (and other creative people). Traditional approaches do not address the real dilemmas creative people face. How do you launch your career? How do you revitalize it, after a long hiatus? How do you make the most of your success? How do you recover after a setback? The ideas, techniques, and approaches I offer are designed specifically to help creative people at all stages of their careers.

I approach coaching practical, personal, and hands-on. Each coaching program is customised to fit YOU. I don’t just give advice, but actively work with you. I can help you find exhibition opportunities, look for a creative job, and show you how to write and talk about yourself and your work. Through coaching you will learn key skills for “success,” however you define it. You will grow in confidence as you achieve your goals.

Here are some of the benefits of  unique, artist-focused coaching:

Analyzing and Planning

Do you get stuck or overwhelmed when you try to move forward?

Through coaching you will master these skills:

  • How to think through conflicting priorities
  • How to identify goals and break them down into action steps
  • How to take advantage of the wealth of internet resources available to artists
  • How to write an effective business plan
  • How to develop and implement an achievable marketing plan
  • How to find and get funding to support your work

Marketing Yourself and Your Work

Do you love the process of making art but shy away from talking about it? Do you need to “put yourself out there” but don’t know what to do or how to do it?

These key strategies will move you forward in:

  • Understanding your target market
  • Writing an effective artist statement or press release
  • Pricing your work to sell
  • Finding the right exhibition opportunities for you
  • Presenting yourself and your work to gallery owners and collectors
  • Creating a strategy to become more visible as an artist

Career Counselings Services for Artists

Do you need employment in the arts but don’t know where to start? Are you in a job that doesn’t satisfy you? Do you have a career plan but would like some support implementing it?

You may be facing dilemmas like these, or different ones. We start with what’s on your mind right now. Let’s talk about success! Your Success!

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