Art of Michele Maioli – Tentazioni (Temptation)

Born in 1970 in Palaia, living in Capanne (Pisa)  from 1990, professional military parachutist in Pisa, Certificate of Master in Art Institute of Florence (Art School State Porta Romana) 1995 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Firenze (Italy) painter, sculptor.

He state about himself he is in love with classical art, admiring the masters of the Renaissance, their painting technique, but like to try new figurative languages that cross the paradox of the flatness of the canvas and the ability to create us a three-dimensional reality.

Artist’s Statement: 

” I have always painted, sometimes with greater intensity, sometimes integrating painting with other professions. Since 2015 I have started a new series of surrealist paintings. We need a little ironical angle when looking at my series of paintings, my representations often having more than one interpretations.
I like to paint the human body above all the female body, nature has always provided us with the best of what can be an excellent subject. My women with heads of lionesses or leopards, however felines, are symbolic of the union of the human being as rational and its animal part, more instinctive,
with all the characteristics that it follows: sensuality, sexuality, the emotional that our animal part perceives and that our rational part must manage.
I am inspired by the classics in the polished and cared style of the detail, the break of the design set in the shade.
Renaissance painting was perhaps the highest peak of the figurative quality even if I do not favour the subjects of that period,
often forced by a precise and dominant commission that left little room for the painting of subjects freely chosen by the artists.
So I combine the predilection for the classic style with a more modern Surrealist component to free the imagination, compose figurative games where you can insert everything.”

 Michele Maioli’s Art available to purchase in Golden Tree Gallery – Art Shop.

Tentazioni – olio e acrilico su tela 80x40cm – 2018

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