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Tree of Life -Rooted in the Earth - reaching for the stars !

"You are a child of the Universe, your Art is your legacy witnessing your passage. Tree of Life carries the meaning that we are related to the Cosmos - to our human family - our animal family - our earth family and our beyond-the-earth family. All of the Cosmos is inter-connected -link us and it is in this sameness that we find compassion and tolerance and it is in our differences that we should find wonder. Show and employ the Tree of Life as a symbol of all of these metaphysical messages. Show it forth in your work, in your home, on your person, as a sign that you understand that you are a Child of the Universe and have the right to be here and the responsibility to help others be here as we all Journey on into the future." . Golden Tree Gallery cherish the Human Creation in Art and grow branches to connect the Gifted ones, the Talented ones in betweens and with the others.

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ā€œEverything you can imagine is real.ā€ --- Pablo Picasso

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